Dick Whittington and his cat

Dick Whittington and his cat

Tues 19th - Sat 23rd February 2019

The Award Winning Panto Group are back in 2019 with Dick Whittington and his cat by Peter Long and Keith Rawnsley.

The streets of London face a plague of rats, and Alderman Fitzwarren's Stores are suffering. That is until Dick Whittington arrives in town - looking for his fortune... along with his faithful companion Tommy the Cat.

Meet the Alderman's downtrodden housekeeper - Gertrude Spratt... and her even more downtrodden son, 'Idle' Jack Spratt. Between them they'll prove that if a job is worth doing - its worth getting someone else to do it.

Add a rather salty Captain, the Sultan and two dodgy types who are trying to escape to join the Foreign Legion and you've got a recipe for panto mayhem.


  • Gemma Collins

    Gemma Collins

    Dick Whittington

  • Ellie Austin

    Ellie Austin

    Alice Fitzwarren

  • Chris Knight

    Chris Knight

    Alderman Fitzwarren

  • Martin Goodall

    Martin Goodall

    Gertrude Sprat

  • Peter Bourne

    Peter Bourne

    'Idle' Jack Sprat

  • Melissa Hill

    Melissa Hill


  • Nick Holburn

    Nick Holburn

    Captain Cutlass

  • Karl Forst

    Karl Forst

    Sultan Peppa

  • Lynda Freeman

    Lynda Freeman

    Beau Larrat

  • June Austin

    June Austin

    Beau Lamova

  • Callie Burley

    Callie Burley

    Queen Rat

  • Emma Phillips

    Emma Phillips

    Fairy Bow Bells

  • Pam Holburn

    Pam Holburn



  • Ken Dawson


  • Jodie Swann


  • Pam Holburn

    Asst. Director/Producer

  • Chris Knight

    Asst. Producer

  • Peter Long


  • Keith Rawnsley


  • Alex Priestley


  • Callie Burley


  • Sam Uche


Chorus & Dancers

Dick Whittington Dancers and Chorus

Olivia Austin, Laura Craddock, Gabby Faulkner, Sarah Goodall, Lesley Hill, Chloe Horton, Sharon Hughes, Isabella Kesterton, Ruth Murfin, Craig Poxon, Alice Torson, Tiegan Ward, Ray Walton, Lilli-Mai Wardle, Dawn White

Dick Whittington and his cat programme
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